#BREAKING: Car Plows Into Pedestrians in Queens, New York

QUEENS, NEW YORK (ALBOENEWS) — A car has reportedly plowed into several pedestrians in Queens, New York, according to local media.

At least four people are in critical condition following the incident. After hitting the group of people at a park, the car drove into a pond.

The cause of the incident, which took place at 7:30 p.m. ET on Saturday evening, is not yet clear.

UPDATE: At least six people were injured. Two in critical condition, three in serious condition, and one stable, according to ABC New York. (8:17 p.m. ET)

UPDATE: The driver of the van has been taken into custody, police say. (8:38 p.m. ET)

UPDATE: The driver struck pedestrians, another car and a light post before driving into a pond, police say. Witnesses report the driver was wearing what appeared to be a religious robe, according to ABC 7, New York.

UPDATE: A video was posted by a PIX reporter that appears to show the suspect coming out of the van with his hands up. The van also appears to have psalms written on the rear window. The video is provided below:

Picture courtesy of PIX11 News in New York

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