AlBoeNEWS is Hiring

Howdy folks,

Do you have business/marketing experience? How about technology experience? Writing experience?

AlBoeNEWS is looking to expand its team with one or two new remote workers who can help us as we grow.

Due to lack of revenue, we are mostly looking at volunteers at this point, with promises of pay as we grow. For the right fit, we could also work at a revenue sharing agreement now, where you would get a portion of the money we make each month.

The main areas we need help in are:

Business: Help us with plans, growing the business, etc.

Marketing: Help us get the word out about our breaking news service

Technology: Help us fix this site and make everything look and work better!

If you think you’d be a fit in any capacity, shoot an email to along with a resume, if possible.

Thank you!

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  1. How about an app similar to the old Breaking News one? Starting with volunteers to help fill in the news and edited by your staff. I scan ‘Endangered Species ‘ every day so could pass on the information.

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